The Interference of Crime Scene Clean Up on Blood Detection with Leucocrystal Violet: An Exploratory Study
By: Victoria Bakker, DC Leslie Wyard Bilingual 3-19

Article 1:
Development of Latent Fingerprints on Leaves
using Cyanoacrylate Fuming and Fluorescent
By: Maya Ramsahai, Wade Knaap,
Agata Gapinska-Serwin

  • Bilingual 113-143

Article 1:
Assessing the viability of the iNPUT-ACE Camera Match Overlay Tool for use in suspect height analysis

Article 1 (Presumptive Bloodstain Dating Using Sodium Hydroxide) (English)
Article 1 (Presumptive Bloodstain Dating Using Sodium Hydroxide) (French)

Canada's First Legal Case of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis? A Case Pre-Dating Regina vs. McPherson & Burke (1878) --Michelle Pflug (OPC)

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Latent Fingerprint Unit
Identification Canada Volume 3 No.1, January 1980
(Reprinted) -- Sgt. Mike Cassidy

Behaviours of Various Clothing under CCTV Images with Infrared Night Vision Mode -- Jihwa Lim, Eugene Liscio

Direct Transfer Method for Lifting Fingerprints on Skin in a Controlled Environment -- Jihwa Lim, Agata Gapinska-Serwin, Wade Knapp

Reprint of Volume 2 No.1 July 1978

A Comparison of Liquid Latex and Tape for
Removing Surface Debris to Improve Finger
print Quality -- Isabella Grossi, Cameron Power, Jaclyn Slaney

Application of Fingerprint Enhancement Reagents Crystal Violet and Amido Black using a household "Slime" Compound -- Leanne Byrne, Wade Knaap, Agata Gapinska-Serwin

RAY Fingerprint Enhancing Chemical and Traditional Fingerprint Enhancing Chemicals Collation for Comparison -- Katelyn A. Adams, Mark Lancaster

Comparing Leucocrystal Violet, Amido Black, and Acid Yellow to Enhance Bloody Fingerprints -- Charlotte Le Fèvre, Alexandre Beaudoin

Documenting the ACE-V Process: A Standardized Approach -- Dave Richard

Evaluating the Effect of Solution Age on Luminol-Based Blood Detectors -- Jesse James Garcia, Robert Hofstetter, Michelle Pflug and Clayton Asano

Determining the Suitability of 3D Laser Scanning for Forensic Footwear -- Charmaine Rodrigues and Eugene Liscio

Latent Fingerprint Development on Pressure Treated Wood Using Ninhydrin and 1,2-indanedione/Zinc Chloride -- Ellie Chen and Wade Knaap

Expert Witness Testimony – A Guide for the Canadian Fingerprint Examiner -- Dave Richard

Deviation Analysis Between 3-Dimensional Models Generated by Drone Photogrammetry and by Laser Scanner -- Isabel Tran, Eugene Liscio

The Accuracy and Inter-Examiner Reliability of Point-of-Origin Analysis of Bloodstain Patterns Using 3D Laser Scanning Technique -- Yongyu (Sara) Chen and Eugene Liscio

The Recovery of Fingerprints from Unfired Cartridges: A Comparison of Three Enhancement Techniques -- Amanda Ferrari, Jaclyn Slaney, Cameron Power 

Optimizing A Sequence of Methods for the Development of Latent Fingerprints on Thermal Paper --  Reyne Spychalski, Kimberly Gerhardt, David Castle and Terry Fenger 

Chemical Enhancement of 2D Bloodied Footwear Impressions Amido Black and Leucocrystal Violet on a Tile Substrate -- Edman Abukar, Wade Knaap, Agata Gapinska